This is my page to put facts to all the "Cop Car" myths of the Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor. These are all questions I have been asked in the past and here are the true correct factual answers as given by someone that has bought and sold these cars for 15 years.

1. Does the Crown Victoria Police Interceptor (CVPI) have a high performance engine?

A: No it does not, it is the EXACT same engine as the civilian model, 4.6L SOHC. The only difference is the computer programming and an aluminum cross over on the intake and this for all fleet models, not just the police.

2. Does the CVPI  have a special transmission?

A: No it does not, it is the EXACT same transmission as the civilian model. It does have an aluminum drive shaft for the higher speed of 129mph.

3. Do they remove the engine before selling it?

A: Well since it is the exact same engine and it cost thousands of dollars to remove and add an engine, the answer would be NO. Nothing is changed on the car, other then removing aftermarket police equipment.

4. My "insert person here" is a cop and he says that the CVPI is no longer sold.

A: As of 2008, you can buy a brand new CVPI or Fleet only CV from any dealer. The Crown Victoria is no longer sold to the general public, but anyone can still buy one from the fleet sales department.

5. It is illegal to buy a CVPI new, you can only buy a used one.

A: Please, show me a law that says this, it does NOT exist. There is NOTHING illegal about buying a brand new CVPI. Anyone can buy one, you just have to find a dealer with an overstock that will sell one. This is very easy to do, just go to and you will see brand CVPI for sale. The only police vehicle related law I know of is in California, where it is illegal to own a black and white vehicle in the tone layout of a police service vehicle.

6. It is illegal to buy a used CVPI unless they de-police it.

A: What does de-police mean, remove the siren?. Since the vehicle from the factory has the exact same engine and transmission and most everything else, there is nothing to de-police. If you are talking about the after market items like a lightbar and siren, there is no law that I know of that does not allow it to be sold that way. There are laws that do not allow civilians to have a siren and certain color lights, but nothing that I have seen that does not allow the sale of these items. The law in place makes it illegal to have or use, so if you do buy one with a lightbar and siren and not authorized, then it is illegal in the fact that you now own it. Hope I made that clear enough.

7. It is illegal to have a push bar or brush guard on a CVPI.

A: No it is not illegal, if a SUV can have one, then a car can have one. There is no law that says a brush guard or push bar is illegal on a car, but legal on a truck. If there was such a law, then it would have to be specific to only state a car and what the definition of a car was compared to a truck or SUV. It may be illegal to have a spot lamp and there are states that state "spot lamp" in the vehicle codes like Texas and Illinois.

9. It is illegal to have a spot lamp on a CVPI.

A: Depends on what state you are in, it can be illegal when used improperly. Some states allow only one spot lamp like Illinois. Some have no restrictions to how many a vehicle can have, others will state no more then two, like Texas. There are laws in almost all states on proper use of a spot lamp, so that is where the illegal comes into play. As long as it is legal to have a spot lamp installed, it is fine, but improper use is illegal.


(12) Section 12-207 Improper use of more than one spot lamp and driving lamps.


Sec. 547.327. SPOTLAMPS PERMITTED.  (a) A motor vehicle may be equipped with not more than two spotlamps.

9. What is the top speed of the CVPI

A: 129mph from the factory. There are programmers that will remove the top end speed, but I do not know what the top speed would be modified. Ford sets it at 129mph, so that IS the top speed.

10. My used CVPI has a mustang engine in it.

A: Technically yes the Crown Victoria has the same engine, the block and heads are the same if it is a 96-04 Mustang GT you refer too that has a 4.6L 2V SOHC engine (92-00 CVPI 4.6L, 01+ 4.6L w/PI Heads and PI means Performance Improved). You can use many performance parts on the Crown Victoria that are available to the 4.6L 2V Mustang. Since the police and civilian models have the EXACT same engine, I said Crown Victoria. If you are referring too the 2005+ 4.6L 3V, no it DOES NOT have the same engine as the Mustang GT because the Crown Victoria has a 2V head. (NOTE: My Mustang facts may not be 100% correct). It also has the same engine as the F-150 and Expedition as well with the 4.6L.

11. How do you know if it is a CVPI?

A: In the VIN there will be "P71", if it is anything else other then "P71" it is NOT a Police. It will be like this 2FAxP71Wxxxxxxxxx and if you see that, you have a Police. This only applies for 1993+, the 1992 was a P72 with a Police option. The P72 is fleet only Crown Victoria and still used today.

11. All CVPI have bucket seats and rubber floor, anything else is custom added.

A: No, this is so far from the truth. You can order a CVPI almost exactly like a civilian Crown Victoria, this is the SAP (Street Appearance Package). Or you can order bench seat, rear cloth seat and carpet floor separately. There is nothing odd about a CVPI with a split bench seat and full cloth interior, it is common (PCDC sold many with full carpet interiors). You can also order heated mirrors and keyless entry pad on the door (Keyless as of 2008 model year only). Also the spot lamp is an option, you can get one with out a hole for the spot lamp. You can also order it with CD player if you really wanted one for the chief to listen to Metallica.

There is more to come.......



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