Video of the PCDC customs made Green & Amber LED lightbar (SOLD)

Multiple various videos of LED lights on our Demo Vehicle or ones we have for sale.

This is a video from our demo vehicle where it was almost hit when a driver failed to yield the right of way. I noticed the step van pulling out and watched the car, it did not look like it was going to stop. I came inches from hitting the car and in no way did she have any right of way coming from a private driveway. Gave her a very dirty look as she drove by. We almost lost Explorer 921 that day.

Bad driver failes to yield the right of way

This is a capture of on-board video recorded used in our past Demo Vehicle, Explorer 921. This shows a BMW losing control in normal driving conditions, no bad weather. Might be a good idea to change that CD at a stop light next time buddy!

Drive Safely, BMW 3 series loses control

Fly over of a V22 Osprey, somewhere in the US before GWB announced more funding to make more of them.

V22 Osprey

Why teenagers should not drive your car if they ask you. This video floated around the Internet for months a few years back, late 2003. I then host this video for many to see. I believe that this was the first video on the net for Tray Sliding. This video however is was not done by us, we were just hosting it. The original file name was "102.wmv". Now with You Tube & Google, I have posted their links to the video.

You Tube Link

Google Video Link


More soon to come......



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