From the 1999 PCOOA show in Mesquite, TX


Some images of Carrollton Motor Officers enforcing traffic laws of red light runners on a busy early morning during rush hour.

This is a closer look at one of the DFW motorcycle installs we did.

  • Code 3 mini lightbar amber/amber
  • Whelen PAR 36 Strobes amber/green (Front/rear)
  • Tomar NEOBE strobe supply
  • Whelen 500 LED amber/amber (front)
  • Whelen 500 LED red/red (side)
  • Federal Signal Unitrol siren
  • Whelen 100 watt speaker
  • Uniden 800mhz LTR radio
  • Dual batteries

Why the KZ1000P?

Here at PCDC we have over the last 10 years worked with the classic Kawasaki KZ1000P police motorcycle. Over the years we have sold many of these fine motorcycles to private individuals and security/escort companies. The KZ1000P is the most recognized police motorcycle in the world with the aggressive cowling, single seat and saddle bags. Even after Kawasaki stop manufacture them in 2005, they are still highly sot after in the private sector. We try our best to locate only the best KZ1000P motorcycles and then offer them for sale. More common in California then Texas, but we still find good motors that we feel are well maintained when in service.  The site owner has years of experience maintaining these bikes from simple oils changes, to major engine repairs. In early 2003 he rebuilt a 2002 KZ1000P that was in a minor accident and sold it trough our eBay sales ID. We only offer the best of the best and will pass up on ones that we feel are in poor condition. This is why we do not often sell these motors, most of them have too high of miles and were poorly maintained.

 Below is a 2003 ST1100P Police motorcycle that Honda used here in the USA as a test platform before the ST1300PA was sold in 2005. This was only offered as a 2003 and the civilian run of the ST1100 ended in the USA in 2002. The only 2003 ST1100 sold in the USA was the police model and for many years after 2003 there were dealers with NOS. This one was first titled in 2006 by a private owner and was never used for police work. This also may very well be the first officially sold USA ST1100P model sold in the USA. The serial number is 00001 for then non-California model, or referred to as a 49-State model. Have not contacted Honda to confirm this, but the VIN run would indicate it was #1 off the line for the USA model.

This is probably the best police motorcycle we have ever owned and rode. It tops the BMW, Harley and Kawasaki models in performance and handing, plus the ride comfort is top notch. After mainly owning KZ1000P motors and thinking they were they best, the Honda just takes the prize. We still love the KZ1000P, but today police agencies are looking for more modern and safer motors. The ST1300PA is even better, but since it is still a Honda and the updated model to the ST1100P; it simply will just be better.

  • Serial No. 00001
  • ST1100P (USA Model)
  • 1085cc
  • Whelen siren
  • Federal SIgnal FS100 motorcycle speaker
  • Whelen PAR36 white LED (Set to steady burn for aux lights)
  • Axixtech LED LX4 LED in front
  • Axixtech LED PAR36 in rear
  • Whelen LED trip light for aux brake light
  • More soon to be added.......

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